What Irrigation System Should I Choose For My Lawn?

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We know the lawn needs water to survive and look green year-round but this doesn’t mean you will decide on the irrigation system in rush. Your choice of irrigation system will increase or decrease the look of your lawn in long term. So, you should choose wisely.

Choosing an irrigation system depends on various factors. And it’s very difficult to determine the best option for your lawn. So, you should seek help from professionals who specialize in irrigation services in Florida. The expert service provider will analyze your lawn’s requirements and recommend the best. They will help you choose one from the following irrigation systems.

Sprinkler irrigation

One of the common irrigation systems used in Florida is sprinkler irrigation. Even people in other countries prefer sprinkler irrigation because it is easy to use and maintain. Also, the result is great compared to other irrigation systems.

In sprinkler irrigation, the sprinklers are distributed evenly in the entire the yard and water is sprayed at definite intervals. Experts prefer sprinklers on a large piece of land because they can covert larger areas with ease. The best thing about sprinkler irrigation is it can work anywhere.

The disadvantage of sprinkler irrigation is it is costly compared to other irrigation systems. Also, wind manipulates the water distribution in the sprinkler system. And if the water is manipulated, your lawn will not get the required amount of water.

Drip Irrigation

Another popular irrigation system is drip irrigation. But, drip irrigation is not popular like sprinkler irrigation because it is used in unique scenarios. Just like a sprinkler irrigation system, you cannot use drip irrigation everywhere.

In drip irrigation, the system sits on the ground, supplying a steady “drip” of water to the roots of plants. It’s an excellent option for growing a garden or crop. Most importantly, drip irrigation is cheaper to install compared to sprinkler irrigation.

The disadvantages of drip irrigation are it doesn’t cover the entire lawn and its maintenance and upkeep are costly compared to other irrigation systems.

Mechanized irrigation

Just like sprinkler irrigation, mechanized irrigation is used for large fields. Sometimes, mechanized irrigation is capable to cover fields larger than what sprinkler irrigation can cover. Often, mechanized irrigation is utilized by farmers.

The difference between mechanized irrigation and sprinkler irrigation is the former system is set up above ground rather than below. Due to the ground setup, mechanized irrigation is easy to move and adjust.

The disadvantage of mechanized irrigation is it can only be used on commercial or rural property because of its size.

Now you know the different types of irrigation systems. So, we hope it will be easy for you to choose the suitable option for your lawn with the help of professionals, providing irrigation service in Florida.

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