What are the Most Frequent Sprinkler System Repair Issues in Florida?

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Hydration is a vital aspect of maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. Although natural rainwater does provide a considerable amount of hydration, you still require a quality sprinkler system for the best results.

But what will you do if your irrigation system stops working? Are there warning signs you should be aware of? And how will you fix the problem? Here we’ll discuss some frequent sprinkler system repair issues:

The first step of identifying you need sprinkler repair is recognizing the warning signs:

  1. A Rise in Water Bill

If you notice a sudden high water bill, it may be that your sprinkler system isn’t functioning efficiently. Most of the price rise is caused by a leak in the system. That means water escapes the pipes as it works to hydrate your lawn.

A well-maintained and regulated irrigation system will use up to half less water than an outdated system.

  1. Defective Valves

The control valves deliver the correct amount of water to each part of your lawn. Your sprinkler’s control valves might be broken if certain patches of grass are dry or brown, while others seem overwatered.

  1. Uneven Watering

You will require a sprinkler system repair if there are large pools of water on your grass, driveway, or sidewalk. The same applies to large areas of dried grass. A sprinkler system should water your lawn evenly.

  1. Lack of Pressure

Water won’t reach and adequately hydrate your lawn if your sprinklers don’t have the correct pressure level. A pressure loss in a particular area or on a single sprinkler head could indicate a faulty sprinkler system. Too much and too little pressure can pose an issue.

Either the control valves or the irrigation pipes can cause the pressure issue. If the valves are functioning appropriately, you may be dealing with a severe problem. Irrigation pipes are underground and at risk of bending, breaking, and shifting.

  1. Coughing Sprinkler Heads

Generally, sprinklers make noise as the heads release water and rotate. But if the sprinklers’ heads make strange sounds or appear to be spraying off-target, it may indicate something serious. Coughing may be caused by a bad valve, pressure issues, or a crack in the head.

How to Fix a Leak?

Sprinkler system links typically derive from underground irrigation pipes. An expert can dig into your garden where you suspect the problem is, exposing that area of the pipe.

Next, they’ll replace it with a brand new pipe. You may have to replace the entire sections of the pipe, depending on the severity of the leak. The technician will also inspect if any sprinkler heads are leaking.

Make sure the sprinklers’ heads are not spraying or dripping when you switch off the system. If they are, you may need to replace them.

Wrapping Up

If your current irrigation system is not functioning correctly, contact a professional sprinkler system repair service in Four Corners, Florida. Whether it is a pressure issue, a defective pipe, or a clogged valve, the sprinkler repair company will repair it efficiently.

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