Top 3 Risks You Face When Palm Trees Are Not Pruned Timely

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Do you have palm trees on your property in Champions Gate? If yes, how often do you prune them? Palm tree care and maintenance is very crucial, and its maintenance also include regular pruning. Most people who have adorned their lawns and gardens with palm trees don’t understand the importance of timely pruning these trees. If you also neglect the pruning requirements of your palm trees, check out what potential problems you might be facing or are on the verge of facing.

  1. Increased risk of disease and damage caused by palm rats

If it’s been several years to have your palm trees pruned, there are greater chances that your trees might have been infested by palm rats. Palm rats, also called roof rats, are the most prevalent rats in Florida, and climbing palm trees and nesting in them are their hobbies. They can jump a distance of about eight feet, which makes it easier for them to jump from the canopy of a palm tree to your terrace or balcony and find a way inside.

So, it is highly likely that your palm trees that have been neglected for a long time might be harboring these rats and even encouraging these vermin to invade your property. These rats carry infectious diseases which can be passed to humans through saliva, urine, or physical contact. Besides, they can destroy your lawn, chew electrical wires, burrow in your roofing material, and wreak havoc inside your home or business.

  1. Higher Risk of Fire Hazards Caused by Dried Parts of Your Palm Trees

Did you know that there have been over 650 wildfires in Florida during the first quarter of 2021 alone? Unsurprisingly, most wildfires in Florida are started by humans. Thus, it is always a good idea to minimize the risk of fire on your property. One such way is to keep your palm trees pruned. Why?

Palm trees pose a significant risk of fire hazards, especially ones that have not been pruned in years. Once the palm fronds die and dry out fully, they can easily catch fire and their bombing embers can easily send sparks to properties near them. The risk of fire increased multiple times when untrimmed palm trees are near electrical wires.

  1. Risks of Personal Injury Caused by Weak or Dead Palm Fronds

When palm trees grow out of control, they also pose a risk of injury to people around them. Palm fronds that grow too large can also fall sometimes due to their heavyweight or when they get weakened over time.

Besides, when heavy winds start blowing in the region, palm trees are at a high risk of collapse, especially if they have become top-heavy due to a lack of pruning.

Palm tree branches that are close to the ground can also lead to trip and fall accidents. What’s more, accidental tripping over Palm tree branches can be more damaging because the victim can be pierced by the palm thorns.

So, make it a point to prune your palm trees once or twice every year. And don’t compromise your safety with DIY pruning techniques. Get professional assistance by hiring palm tree care services in Champions Gate.

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