Professional Lawn Fertilization Service- A Great Option to Keep the Greenery Alive!

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Just like many others, if you want your garden to remain lushy green in every season, then watering your lawn is just not sufficient. Routinely, you need to mow it, keep it healthy, clear the weeds, and on top, keep it well-fertilized. However, maintaining a lawn is not as easy as it seems to be. It requires time, effort, and money. Therefore, hiring a professional lawn care services provider makes more sense than doing it on your own. An expert is the only one who can make your lawn healthy and exuberant!

Many individuals will think- why invest in professional fertilization services when we can buy fertilizers from the store itself? Well, why do you choose to go to a doctor when pharmacies are there?

Enlisted below are some reasons you must read to get in-depth knowledge on why to bring in professional fertilization services providers.

Proper fertilization offers necessary nutrients that enable your lawn to with full swing and stay green. Without fertilization, the grass can get patchy and start to take brownish or dull green color instead of rich green. Fertilizing a lawn is something you can try on your own if you have proper knowledge and experience of working with various kinds of fertilizers. If not, you may end up applying the wrong fertilizer or too much that can hurt your lawn brutally rather than helping.

The kind of fertilizers professionals use is a slow-release product that fulfills the need for nutrients your lawn requires. Besides that, professionals like us ensure to use environmentally-friendly fertilizers with the right tool for the perfect application.

To keep your lawn fertilized, how many applications do you need?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon different factors. The initial factor is – the kind of grass you have. For example, if you have warm-season grasses, the treatments begin from late spring until fall. Alike, cool-season grasses need to get fertilized in the spring, fall, and late fall depending on the region you lives in. If you wish to work with us, we will help you grow a lawn that will reach its maximum potential.

The first step in this process is a detailed analysis where an expert will evaluate the following:

  • Grass and soil types
  • Thatch levels
  • Turf density
  • Shade and sun exposure
  • Insect and Disease problems
  • The presence of grassy and broadleaf weeds

After analysis, a team of trained specialists will develop a custom program to help you create a green, virtually weed-free lawn.

It’s also imperative to contemplate the current state of your lawn. Oftentimes, an incorrect application can cause the weed to grow much faster than expected if your yard is not treated with a pre-emergent weed control application. Experienced professional fertilization services providers know when and what to use and in what amount. That’s why it is important to hire professional lawn care services to maintain a beautiful lawn.

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