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Palm Tree & Garden Care Services

When it comes to the greeneries in your garden, palm trees are one of the most loved trees by many property owners. But, just planting them in your garden is not enough, it requires proper caring and maintenance to keep your garden palm trees in beautiful shape and size. We provide professional Palm trees care services in Davenport. We specialize in plantation, pruning and trimming  in the gardens and backyards of any property.

Garden and lawn at your home add significant value and greenery to your property. When it comes to greeneries in your garden, it includes grass, different kinds of flower plants, and trees. They all need to be taken care of properly to keep them fresh and alive. Here at Comprehensive Irrigation, we offer lawn and garden care services in Davenport as per your needs. Our services include mowing services, watering services, fertilization services, sprinkler system installation & repair services, palm tree care services, weed control services, low voltage lawn lighting services for your garden.

You can contact us for a free consultation for any kind of enquires related to palm trees maintenance in your garden. We will help you in finding out the right kind and variety of a palm tree for your garden as per the weather and soil condition. If you have palm trees in your garden, you should have the knowledge of how to take care of palm trees to keep them healthy. It is not an easy task and requires a lot of time-consuming works to keep everything in order. When it comes to the caring of palm trees, we offer the following services:

  • Frond pruning and trimming

They do shed fronds naturally but, sometimes you need to do it yourself to keep them in order. When decided to do it manually, we take care that not to take off too many fronds as a palm tree uses nutrients from dying fronds to grow new fronds. We take care of this and don’t do over trimming and pruning.

  • Seed Removal

We help you in removing palm flowers, seeds, and fruit stalks as per your requirements. It is necessary that your palm trees use nutrients and resources in their overall growth and health instead of producing fruit and seeds.

So, if you are looking for advice and services on planting, watering, fertilizing, trimming, and pruning for your palm trees in your garden, we are here to help you at affordable costs. You can contact us for a free consultation on garden care services Davenport, palm tree care services Davenport, or any other kind of lawn care and irrigation services in Iowa. We offer professional garden & lawn care services to our clients at their ease and comfort.

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