Key Things to Remember During Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance

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To ensure that sprinklers in your lawn are in top shape, it is important to conduct regular inspection and maintenance tasks for efficient water management. It helps you balance the pressure in your sprinkler system for even water distribution across the lawn. It is the key to have a lively, healthy, and green lawn that will impress your guests in all seasons. When you look to repair and maintain sprinklers in your lawn, you must know about the flowing common issues that your system could have:

  • Leakage in the pipes and sprinkler heads
  • Uneven pressure
  • Faulty control valves
  • Unusual sound from sprinkler heads
  • High Water bills
  • Broken or damaged parts

These are the common issues when you need to schedule sprinkler system repair and maintenance services with a professional irrigation system service provider in your region. At the same time, you should keep the following dos and don’ts in your mind while leaving everything to the sprinkler system specialist.

Make sure they clean your sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads are one of the most important elements of the system that need to be cleaned regularly. When you schedule sprinkler system repair services, make sure that all sprinkler heads are cleaned properly, irrespective of the issue you have. Sprinkler heads can be clogged with dirt, mud, and other residues that could impact the water distribution across the lawn. Clean and clear sprinkler heads ensure smooth watering in all seasons.

Don’t ignore faulty and leaky pipes, valves, and sprinklers

When you schedule irrigation maintenance services, make sure that everything is thoroughly inspected across the system to resolve potential issues that can cause problems in the future. Ask your irrigation experts to check for the faulty and leaky pipes, elbows, tees, flanges, valves, and sprinkler heads to ensure a smoother running system for years to come. Any leak in your sprinkler system may result in increased water bills due to the wastage of water.

Don’t neglect the transformers, voltage reading, and wires

The electrical equipment connected with your sprinkler system should be working correctly for smooth operation. Make sure to check the voltage readings of your sprinkler system to get an idea of how well electrical parts such as transformers, controllers, solenoid, wiring, and switches are performing. Your sprinklers cannot do anything for the lawn without a working controller, transformer, switches, and wires. Ask them to replace all the faulty or under-performing electrical parts in order to maximize the performance of your sprinkler system.

Make sure to use waterproof connectors and parts

Water and electricity don’t go together. Any leak in your water system can be very dangerous with the power supply on. Waterproof connectors and valves keep everything dry and protected everywhere for safe operation. It also ensures that all your components and maintenance systems last longer.

These are the key points that you must remember during sprinkler system repair and maintenance tasks. It helps you address common sprinkler system issues with the help of professional irrigation experts.

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