How to Identify Your Sprinkler System Needs a Professional Inspection

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When you want the grass to be greener on your side, a sprinkler system is always the best option as it allows water to slowly seep in the ground and irrigate the grass the best way. However, as time passes, your sprinkler system gets old and might start showing warning signs that it needs repair to function properly. When you ignore these signs, small repairs can quickly transform into costly repairs. So, here, we are sharing this guide to help you identify the warning signs that point to the need for professional inspection and sprinkler system repair services.

Sign 1: Dry Spots or Pools of Water

When you notice dry spots or pools of water in your garden or nearby areas, it suggests that your sprinkler system needs a quick inspection and adjustment. With this problem, most often, people need to change the head or valve of a sprinkler system.

Sign 2: Very Low or High Pressure

Another sign of malfunctioning is lower or higher pressure in the head or a particular part of the system. When you notice too low or too high pressure, you should inspect the control valves and pressure regulators of the sprinkler system. Another reason behind a sprinkler system not doing its job properly can be the roots as they have the potential to damage the irrigation pipes buried underground.

Sign 3: Dripping Valves

The main purpose of a valve in your sprinkler system is to distribute the proper amount of water to each zone of your lawn. A properly functioning sprinkler system doesn’t have a leaking or dripping valve. So, if you find the area around the filters and pressure regulators wet, check the system for any grass, dirt, bubbles, or mold. Whatever the problem is, professionals can help identify the issue and repair the sprinkler system.

Sign 4: Sputtering Heads

Sputtering heads are the ones that spray water off their target. Meaning, they don’t spray water where they should. Thus, sputtering heads also indicate a pressure or valve problem in your sprinkler system. Heads of the system can also get clogged with debris, develop cracks, or shift their positions over time. So, assess the problem, look for the cause, and if you can’t find any quick solution to resolve the issue, call the professionals for sprinkler system repair services.

Sign 5: High water bills

Even if you don’t keep an eye on your sprinkler system, you can detect that something is not right with your sprinkler system when you check and pay your water bill. If your monthly water bill becomes exorbitantly high all of a sudden, you would want professionals to check your sprinkler system thoroughly, make adjustments, and repair if needed. A high water bill can be an indication of a leak that is letting water escape from the pipes.

So, if you also notice any of these signs, don’t delay. Check your sprinkler system instantly for any clogs or issues. If you find anything suspicious but can’t figure out the exact problem, quickly call professionals in your area for sprinkler system repair services.

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