3 Smart Irrigation Tips for Your Lawn

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Lawn watering and irrigation is the most important topic to discuss when you own a lawn and want to keep it lively and green all the time. Every lawn owner needs to make an irrigation strategy to water the lawn for the best result. Proper watering is the most important thing you can do to keep your lawn in a good shape.

When it comes to making an irrigation strategy for your lawn, it is better to include both traditional and advanced irrigation techniques and methods to water your lawn. Even though traditional watering methods make lawn irrigation pretty simple, there are many smart ways that you can include in your strategy to maximize effectiveness and efficiency while saving time and money. When you are no expert, better search for professional irrigation services near me to get all the assistance and support you need to make a comprehensive watering strategy for your lawn.

Though professional irrigation services can help you plan properly, here’re three smart and effective ways to water your lawn better:

Buy an impact sprinkler with a tripod.

If you don’t have a traditional sprinkler system in your lawn already, think about getting an impact sprinkler on a tripod to water your lawn smartly. It is a more versatile and great way to cover a larger area in your lawn due to the extra height of the tripod. It increases the distance your sprinkler can throw water. Also, with an impact sprinkler in a tripod, you can adjust the spray pattern as per your lawn type and plants you have for the impactful performance. Impact or rotary sprinklers on tripods save water and hence your water bills.

Get a remote hose connection. 

For easier and flexible watering in your lawn, add a remote hose connection to your irrigation system. It allows you to reach the far corners of your lawn with the long length of hose pipes with a remote faucet. With help of this kind of irrigation system, you can water every corner of your lawn as per your requirements.

Install a programmable irrigation system

An underground irrigation system provides a convenient way to water your lawn using hosepipes and sprinklers. You can make things smarter by investing in a multi-outlet programmable irrigation system with a water timer. You can get single-zone or multi-zone timers as per your irrigation needs and situation to build a smart and programmable watering system. Programmable water timers allow you to decide on the time of the day and duration in which a connected sprinkler will run to water a particular area in your garden. Choose the right water timer with the functions and abilities for your situation.

Installing traditional and smart irrigation systems can make you a lawn watering expert on your own lawn. If you are working on a new irrigation system in your lawn, search and find Irrigation services near me to install and connect your irrigation system as per your requirements and watering needs. Contact us at Comprehensive Irrigation and Lawn Services for an effective and affordable solution for your lawn.

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